UK beach litter rises by a third, report finds

Posted on March 27, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Thousands of plastic bottles clogging up seaside locations, along with cans, glass and crisp packets, with 3,298 pieces picked up for every kilometre cleaned

via UK beach litter rises by a third, report finds.

Plastic bottles on beaches rose by 57.2% in England, 21.3% in Scotland, 6.3% in the Channel Islands and a whopping 235.3% in Northern Ireland. In Wales they dropped by 39.4 % but in line with the overall fall in the country’s litter levels. In Wales there were still 103 plastic bottles found per kilometre cleaned – higher than the national average.

The MSC said deposit return schemes – in use in other parts of the world – give value to items often regarded by consumers as having no value and disposed of irresponsibly.


UK needs a cash for containers scheme quite badly too just like in Australia.   The benefits of such a scheme are substantial.  Including more jobs, financial benefits to schools and many civic groups, huge improvement to the environment and less plastic litter to get into the oceans.  In Australia the bottling companies spend $millions to fight against such a scheme.  Why?   They too would make $millions from such a scheme from the left over unredeemed deposits.   Their behaviour is appalling and very irresponsible, they are quite happy to keep polluting the world and need to be stopped.
Here in Melbourne our survey shows we are getting approx. 20 items of plastic per meter on one beach that BeachPatrol Australia surveys.  That is 20,000 per km.  Mostly plastic film, then food wrappers, then plastic bags then balloon remnants.