WM opens $1.5-million Florida transfer station – USA

Posted on July 28, 2013 by DrRossH in Landfills and Disposal

WM opens $1.5-million Florida transfer station.

City of Fort Pierce officials joined in the festivities to kickoff off the city’s new Single-Stream Cart recycling program. Over the past few weeks, more than 5,000 64-gallon blue carts on wheels have been delivered to Fort Pierce households to expand recycling capacity and collection. 

“Our new cart recycling program gives residents expanded capacity to recycle more household items, keeping trash out of our landfills and improving the environment,” announced Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson on July 17, 2013. “The City of Fort Pierce is pleased to mark this expanded recycling program as well as the opening of the new transfer station.”

“Residents currently recycle about 15 per cent of their waste, and our goal is to increase that to 45 per cent with the new carts,” added Hudson. 

While it would be ideal to expect households to do their own separation, it is just human nature to not do so very well enmass.   Single stream recycling would seem to be the most effective method for highly efficient recycling.  Plus it creates jobs for the additional employment of people who are required to then sort the recyclate.  Funds for funding such an operation come from house holder rates or more directly waste collection fees.  The latter would make the user pay more so than the property owner who may not be the one making the waste.