CDS needs an increase in deposit refund – now – Australia

CDS needs an increase in deposit refund – now – Australia

Posted on August 11, 2022 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations, Plastic Waste News


It works so well because all who participate at every level – from households to charities, collection depots and beverage makers – work together and have skin in the game – in other words, an incentive to play.

There is no doubt that, like any system or scheme, South Australia’s CDS needs to adapt to be fit for the future.

The genesis of CDS in South Australia was litter abatement. Its success since 1977 is seen down every street. Roads, footpaths and spaces that once were strewn with drink containers are no longer littered.

Today, the objective is to drive containers out of landfill and into the circular economy.

We have to first question who is saying this.  No doubt it is a good idea to get recovery rates increased, but if it is also benefitting big drink companies who run these schemes and collect the unredeemed deposits, the maybe the scheme need to be changed to independent operators whose income depends on containers collected not on containers not handed back in.