Sydney-based startup making recycling the tricky stuff easy – Australia

Sydney-based startup making recycling the tricky stuff easy – Australia

Posted on March 29, 2022 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News


In Sydney, there is a startup who has diverted four million pieces of soft plastic, 65 tonnes of clothes,  and a total of 163,000 kilos of waste from landfill, in two years: RecycleSmart.

RecycleSmart is an innovative, on-demand recycling service that collects tricky recyclables such as soft plastics, clothes, E-waste and problem waste from resident’s doorsteps for FREE!

Their user-friendly approach works just like Uber. Once residents have packed all their recyclables into a bag, they can book a Power Pickup for a time that suits them. All they have to do is leave the bag at their front door. Then, the items will be collected and dropped off in the right location for them to be recycled.  They don’t even need to be home, it’s genius!

RecycleSmart has partnered with 13 Sydney councils. It’s free for the user if they begin a subscription. Why? “We’re here to make recycling easy, fun and engaging. If the residents commit to recycling regularly, then we do it for free”, said Giorgio Baracchi CEO & Co-Founder.

With the RecycleSmart app, the residents also gain access to the most comprehensive recycling database in Australia, the Recyclopedia. They can easily search amongst a list of over 200 household items and find exactly where they should dispose of it, depending on where they live.

The simplicity of the service encourages people to recycle things that may have otherwise been thrown away.

The companies that make these difficult to recycle items need to be paying for their collection and drop off at a appropriate recycle centre as a minimum.